What project sizes are available? 

Maximum: Anything up to 48″ on one contiguous piece. Minimum: Varies, some fonts require a certain size to preserve detail.

Custom Text? 

Our specialty! When in doubt, simply order the product with your choice of text! We can usually accommodate, and we will reach if we encounter an issue.

What shapes and graphics are available? 

Almost any clipart is available. We do digitize and produce custom logos. Outlines, silhouettes, and common shapes are our specialty. We are glad to incorporate any custom ideas into your project.

Color options? 

We use the best Rustoleum primer+paint we can buy. We readily stock flat black, satin clear enamel, gloss clear-coat, flat white, oil rubbed bronze, satin red, flat antique nickel, and matte charcoal.


We outsource this, but we can absolutely make it happen! While it does add some cost, this will add many years to the lifespan of the finish. We strongly recommend this for business logos or signs that will be constantly and directly exposed to the elements.

Dimension tweaking? 

Easy! If you need a project to fit a specific space, we can likely accommodate. For instance, if we make a product that typically runs 12″ x 36″ but you need it to fit 18″ by 36″, we will do our best to alter the design and meet your specific needs.


 Intricate details begin to get lost the smaller the project is. Larger projects show better detail and look cleaner overall. This mostly becomes an issue with custom logos and lettering. We will be sure to let you know if the specifications of your request will not cut well.

Steel thickness and types? 

Projects default to 16 gauge steel (0.06″) . Almost any thickness is available from 22 gauge up to 1″ plate. Hot rolled steel is default, cold rolled is available. Stainless steel and aluminum are available but not kept in stock.

Sending a file?

 We love adobe illustrator files (.ai). Anything vector format will be fine as well (.pdf  .png) . We can digitize .jpg files, but send the highest resolution you have available to you; this will result in higher detail.

Other questions?